Criminal Proceedings

"Advocatus miles" is what the medieval lawyers used to say. The lawyer is a warrior of the law. He stands on guard of one's private interests. There is the life of the state, the life of society and personal life - the life of an individual. (L.E. Vladimirov - Manual for criminal defense. St. Petersburg, 1911).

We represent the interests of our Principals at all stages of the criminal process and provide legal support from the moment of application for assistance to a lawyer and up to the full and final procedural resolution of the situation.

We guarantee the personal presence of the lawyer at all investigative actions, conducted with the participation of the Principal, including the production of the search, legal assistance during interrogation as a witness, during detention, the implementation of the defense of the suspect (accused) at the stage of preliminary investigation and in the courts of all instances.

The options of cooperation may be different. In particular, it is possible both the conclusion of an agreement for the execution of a specific assignment, and the provision of qualified legal assistance on the terms of subscription services, which includes full legal support of the Principal on the basis of 24-hour readiness of the lawyer to come to the client for the protection of legal rights and interests.