Civil Proceedings

Legal Alliance Moscow Bar Association will help you to carry out:

State registration of commercial and non-commercial organizations in any legal forms, as well as individual entrepreneurs, including:

  • legal support of registration of establishment, reorganization, liquidation of organizations, registration of changes in respect of organizations;
  • development of constituent documents;
  • correction of errors in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities;
  • appealing against unlawful actions of the registration authority in court.

Legal support of registration of the issue of shares of joint-stock companies with the Federal Financial Markets Service, including the establishment of joint-stock companies, reorganization of joint-stock companies, conversion of shares, etc.

Support of the procedure for approval of transactions with the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), including approval with FAS of establishment and reorganization of commercial organizations, transactions with shares (stakes) and property of commercial organizations, etc.

Legal support of corporate legal relations, including:

  • support of transactions with shares (stakes);
  • preparation of documents constituting the shareholder register system;
  • development of internal regulations aimed at regulating corporate legal relations;
  • support of the procedure for holding general meetings of participants (shareholders) and other collegial management bodies;
  • representation at general meetings of participants (shareholders);
  • participation in settlement of corporate disputes out of court, including participation of a lawyer in negotiations, preparation of agreements aimed at settlement of disputes;
  • protection of violated rights of shareholders (participants) in administrative and judicial proceedings.

Support of registration of rights and transactions with real estate (land, apartments, non-residential premises, buildings), including:

  • registration of transfer of right and title to residential or non-residential premises;
  • registration of transactions with real estate;
  • registration of title to newly created real estate objects;
  • appealing against unlawful actions of the registration authority;
  • imposition of registration bans and arrests in respect of real estate objects in disputable situations.

Development of transaction schemes within the framework of project implementation (investment, construction, financial, etc.), including drafting of civil law contracts, agreements, verification of legality (legal purity) of transactions;

Legal support of commercial activities in such branches of business activity as investment, construction, production and others.

Conducting court cases of individuals and legal entities:

  • challenging real estate transactions;
  • reclamation of real estate from illegal possession;
  • challenging transactions with shares (stakes);
  • challenging decisions taken at general meetings of participants (shareholders) and decisions of other management bodies;
  • recovery of losses;
  • collection of debts;
  • recovery of insurance compensation from insurance companies;
  • appealing unlawful actions of state authorities in court;
  • housing disputes;
  • divorce proceedings, including property division;
  • disputes under the law on protection of consumer rights, etc.

Representation and defense of interests of individuals and legal entities in the framework of bringing to administrative and tax liability;

Providing consultations for legal entities and individuals on legal issues (civil law, corporate law, tax law, urban planning and land law, housing law, family law, consulting on administrative and tax liability, etc.).