Arbitration Proceedings

Imagine lawyers who are as interested in your case as much as you are. Those for whom the impossible things are possible. Those who not only demonstrate their intellectual background, but also their involvement, professional excitement and instincts in their work. Please ask yourself - these are the professionals you would like to entrust with the representation of your interests, right?

  • Challenging transactions with real estate; reclaiming real estate from unlawful possession;
  • Challenging transactions with shares (stakes); challenging decisions made at general meetings of participants (shareholders) and decisions of other management bodies;
  • Recovery of losses; recovery of debts under contracts (including supply contracts); recovery of insurance compensation from insurance companies;
  • Appealing unlawful actions of state authorities in court;
  • Representation and defense of interests of individuals and legal entities within the framework of bringing to administrative and tax liability;
  • Providing consultations for legal entities and individuals on legal issues (civil law, corporate law, tax law, urban planning and land law, housing law, family law).

Lawyers and attorneys of the Legal Alliance Moscow Bar Association provide a full range of legal support for business, including representation of their clients in arbitration courts of all instances. Having considerable legal experience and background, our attorneys and lawyers approach the resolution of the assigned tasks taking into account their experience in the relevant profile. We provide assistance in connection with business activities of organizations, sale and purchase of property, corporate and tax disputes.